What is Racehorse Syndication?

Racehorse syndication can be seen as the sharing of ownership of a racehorse. The original purchaser or breeder of the racehorse can sell part ownership of the horse to others with a PDS, (Product Disclosure Statement) offered by a AFS License holder. The shareholders can thus enjoy the thrill and excitement of owning a race horse.


What Rights do the Shareholder Owners Receive?

The part owners of a racehorse share in the winnings of the horse. Typically, they are entitled to a share in proportion to their ownership, i.e. a 5 percent owner gets 5 percent of the prize money after standard industry deductions like trainers and jockey percentages. However, some syndicators (not Independent Syndications) take a cut from this share and pay only the balance to the owners.


The shareholders also typically receive full information about their horses and its movements; can visit their horses during trackwork and inspection days; get photos and videos of their horses; enjoy free tickets to the races; even name their horses; and other privileges such as an Owner’s Gold Card that entitles them to various other special privileges. 



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